Strategic Case Study

Course Description

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)’s Strategic Case Study (SCS) is the last hurdle for a student pursuing professional qualification pathway. The CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) is a pinnacle assessment within CIMA online courses, designed for individuals aspiring to reach the highest echelons in business and finance management.

This course synthesizes knowledge from the three learning pillars of the CIMA syllabus: Enterprise, Performance, and Financial Strategy, applying them to a board-level case study.

This comprehensive online course is structured to prepare candidates for the real-world challenges faced by senior executives. By focusing on critical analysis, strategic thinking, and professional judgment, the course enables learners to demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in a complex business context.

The assessment for the SCS consists of a three-hour case study exam, conducted in a computer-based format. The exam presents students with a complex business issue, requiring them to analyze, evaluate, and propose strategic solutions as if they were at the board or senior management level within the company.
This course is tailored for professionals who have completed the CIMA management level and all three subjects in the Strategic Level of this final level.

Candidates should expect to dedicate 3-4 weeks to this course, with a recommended study time of 25 -30 hours per week. Students are provided with pre-seen material about company in examination a month before the date of examination. On the exam day, students should be ready with their generic assessment about the company from a senior manager perspective, apply the strategic concepts appropriately.

Successful completion, hurray, student is awarded the prestigious professional qualification – Associate Membership to CIMA (Associate of Chartered Management Accountants).

Please note that the actual course offerings and details may vary, so it is recommended to visit the official CIMA website or contact CIMA directly for the most current and detailed information.

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