P2-Advanced Management Accounting

Course Description

Advanced Management Accounting course offered by CIMA, is a one of e-accounting courses online, which is meticulously structured to enhance the expertise of professionals in applying complex management accounting techniques for strategic planning, decision-making, and performance management. 

It is exclusively designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding and skills beyond the foundational level, focusing on the strategic aspects of management accounting.

This advanced course delves into the management including advanced cost management techniques like Lifecycle costing, target costing, TQM, Kaizan, risk management and control, preparing and monitoring key performance indicator, balance scorecard, benchmarking and culminates in capital investment decision-making frameworks. 

The course is targeted at experienced accounting and finance professionals, including management accountants, financial analysts, and business consultants, who are looking to sharpening their management accounting skills. It is also suitable for individuals aiming for leadership roles in finance and business environment.

This course is an on-demand examination therefore students can attempt this course anytime of the year. The normal preparation time is usually 4-8 weeks per course depending on the individual's background and experience. Participants are advised to dedicate a minimum of 18 -24 hours per week to their studies to fully grasp the course materials and prepare for the case study exam.

After successfully completing the course and passing the CIMA’s assessments (together with two other subjects at this level plus Management Case Study), students will receive Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (Adv Diploma in MA). This certification is a testament to their advanced knowledge and skills in management accounting, significantly enhancing their professional acumen and career opportunities in the field.

The CIMA Advanced management accounting course is a comprehensive e-accounting course that combines theoretical insights with practical applications. It uses case studies, interactive content, and real-world scenarios to provide a rich learning experience, enabling participants to apply what they have learned directly to their work in strategic management accounting.

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  • Price5000
  • Duration15 Weeks
  • Lessons13
  • Access12 months