BA3 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Course Description

CIMA Fundamentals of Financial Accounting is a pivotal component of the certified management accountant course, offering a comprehensive overview of foundational accounting principles and practices. This course is designed to equip aspiring management accountants with essential skills in financial reporting, analysis, and interpretation. Through a structured curriculum, students learn topics such as the preparation and presentation of financial statements, principles of revenue recognition and expense allocation, accounting for assets, liabilities, and equity, and interpretation of financial data for decision-making purposes.

Understanding fundamental accounting concepts and principles alongside regulations governing financial accounting and the process behind the preparation of financial statements for single entities are part of this subject.

The course places a strong emphasis on understanding international accounting standards (IAS) and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), ensuring students are well-versed in the regulatory frameworks governing financial reporting. Additionally, students will explore key financial ratios and performance indicators used to assess the financial health and performance of organizations.

This course is essential for individuals pursuing the ACMA designation and seeking to advance their careers in management accounting, finance, or related fields.

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  • Price4000
  • Duration5 Weeks
  • Lessons11
  • Access12 months