BA1: Fundamentals of Business Economics

Course Description

CIMA offers as part of its Courses in management accounting, and Fundamentals of Business Economics. This subject along with three other subjects gets Certificate in Business Accounting (CertBA) to students. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of economic principles essential for effective management accounting. 

Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and real-world case studies, students gain insights into how economic factors influence business strategies, pricing decisions, and resource allocation at the start of the course itself.  Topics covered include macro and micro economic indicators in the context of business. This course equips learners with the analytical tools and knowledge necessary to assess economic conditions like interest rates and exchange rates, interpret market trends, and make informed business decisions. 

Students who pass this paper along with three other subjects at this certificate level, as aforesaid, proceed to the first stage into the professional stream – Operational Level. Passing this subject prepares students with the fundamentals to comprehend higher level concepts at the professional level.

This subject is suitable for individuals’ pursuing careers in management accounting or seeking to enhance their understanding of economic fundamentals in the context of business management.

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  • Price4000
  • Duration4 Weeks
  • Lessons8
  • Access12 months