ACCA Global

What is ACCA?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a professional body founded in 1904 with 241,000 registered members and counting. The qualification is considered as one of the best professional accounting and finance courses in the world.

What makes ACCA qualification so attractive?

Firstly, the integrity of the courses / subjects they offer which is well appreciated by the industry. There are thirteen different subjects focusing only to upgrade students who are already employed in the financial industry or pursuing a rewarding career in the accounting and finance industry.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) offers a comprehensive program that equips individuals with robust knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. This professional accounting course includes subjects that are relevant to the current financial ecosystems.

Akontz- ACCA Online Course

Akontz offers ACCA courses online, that are fully curated to provide students with a deep understanding of the latest accounting standards, regulations, and practices. Normal accountancy courses are just basic and might not add value in a professional environment. Professional courses like ACCA can not only provide a deeper understanding of the finance and accounting subjects but also support in opening doors to various roles in the financial world.

This is where Akontz's ACCA online course comes into play. We ensure students stay up to date and fully informed about the latest developments in Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Performance Management, Audit and Assurance, Taxation laws applicable globally and in the UK that helps students stay ahead of the rest and prepare students to become strategic business leaders in future.

ACCA Comprehensive Curriculum:

ACCA has created the curriculum for this course in such a way, once a student successfully completes this course, they will be most sought after in the finance world. ACCA have designed each subject thoughtfully to align with the career aspirations of students, and comprehensively covers an array of topics that facilitate the attainment of a coveted position within an organization or entrepreneurial venture.

Global Recognition:

ACCA offers a significant advantage due to its global recognition. This qualification is respected and accepted in more than 180 countries, providing access to diverse international career opportunities for students. ACCA professional qualification facilitates students to pursue global careers and gain enriching professional experience in the bargain. Whether a student aspires to work in multinational corporations, financial institutions, or consulting firms, ACCA qualification is a catalyst for a rewarding career.


The ACCA online coaching offered by AKONTZ is flexible and therefore most suitable for students and working professionals coming from diverse educational backgrounds, which is a great advantage. Its modular structure allows candidates to progress at their own pace, and work and study balance which are the most sought after options for mid-career professionals.

Better Career Opportunity:

Due to continuous learning, acquisition of new knowledge on industry practice, emphasis on ethical and professional practices, and strategic focus, have collectively contributed to the success of numerous ACCA qualified individuals in world of finance and accounting today. They have successfully leveraged their professional qualification to accomplish their career aspirations with ease.

In conclusion, the ACCA qualification is an excellent choice for those aspiring to excel in their finance and accounting careers.